The JAMS is a seminar series occurring every two weeks with talks given by junior researchers on a topic in any area of mathematics. It is a great opportunity to share research, get feedback from other students and to become more confident in presenting work. We also provide drinks and snacks!

We run several different types of talks:

Classic JAMS: Short talks, somewhat specialised and more focused presenting on new results. A great opportunity to get know what fellow PhD students’ research is about.

Introductory JAMS: Longer talks, but more accessible and educational. These are meant to introduce you to the basic ideas of active research fields, and give you a broader picture of modern applied mathematics.

Skills JAMS: Designed to introduce you to a tool or skillset that will be useful during your PhD research.

If you are interested in giving a talk or have further questions, please email us at, or contact one of our committee members.

Upcoming Seminars

We are currently planning an exciting new schedule for the new academic year.

To view past seminars check here