Hi! We are the Imperial College student chapter of SIAM  (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics), a group of maths graduate students organising events to share ideas, foster interdisciplinary research, and explore career opportunities. Join us to get updates on our activities and be eligible for free membership to SIAM!

Our chapter is run by a committee of graduate students from Imperial College London with the support of a faculty advisor.


Our Committee

Paula Rowinska
My research interests include statistics and stochastic modelling applied to Earth sciences, ecology and finance. Currently I am working on estimating electricity prices, especially renewables. I divide my time between SIAM, Musical Theatre Society, blogging, science communication, dancing, playing piano… and my PhD, of course.
Tasmin Symons
Vice President
My work is centred on exploring the theory of Gaussian processes parametrised by “interesting” geometric structures – in particular the planet we live on. I spend too much time playing The Sims, and occasionally make half-hearted attempts to get fit by swimming and the occasional jog.
Andreas Bock
I work on computational anatomy in the applied & numerical analysis dept. I enjoy tinkering with Haskell and Arch.
Hemant Khatri
I am a part of the Fluid Dynamics section here at Imperial. I am studying large-scale oceanic flows. Apart from research, I spend a fair amount of time playing snooker and singing.
Yibei Li
Communications Officer
I am interested in groups and graphs and my current research is on the application of logic on combinatorics. Besides maths, I enjoy a good cocktail and chat with friends and playing board games.
Marco Francischello
Transition Officer
My research is currently focused on stochastic models for economics and finance. In particular I’m working on how default events, funding costs and capital requirements impact the valuation of financial products. I like traveling, computers, picking up new skills, and I’m an avid player of strategy games.
Johannes Pausch
Transition Officer
I’m a 3rd year student working on statistical field theory. I’m interested in applying these techniques to cell biology, neural networks and wetting phenomena. In my spare time, I work for ‚Project Nepal‘, a student-led charity that tries to improve education in rural Nepal. If there is time left, I enjoy playing piano and hiking.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Greg Pavliotis.

You can find our past committee members here.