SIAM stands for Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, who encourage the formation of student chapters at universities all around the world. The motivation behind our student chapter at Imperial College London lies in providing a vibrant research communication environment between world-leading groups of enthusiastic young researchers within Imperial College London, as well as in collaboration with academic and industrial institutions throughout the United Kingdom.

Some of the objectives of the Imperial SIAM student chapter include:

  • to promote the role of mathematical techniques in research and industry
  • to create and foster relations between members of the local scientific community
  • to enhance the communication of research performed within the department itself or related departments through regular events in the form of workshops and seminars
  • to collaborate with other SIAM student chapters across the country for the organisation of large scale meetings and workshops
  • to promote an active environment in which both academic and industrial participants interact on a regular basis

These goals are closely linked to the integration of the chapter activity to the academic framework offered by Imperial College London. Our efforts cover a large spectrum of activities,  from the organisation of weekly seminars promoting the activity of local research groups to larger scale outreach events ranging from university-wide to national meetings. The latter are shaped with the support of SIAM, the Imperial College London Department of Mathematics (AMMP), collaborating student chapters and our sponsors.


We are also greatly indebted to the support of other faculty members including Prof. Nick Jones and Prof. Demetrious Papageorgiou.