Hi! We are the Imperial College student chapter of SIAM  (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics), a group of maths graduate students organising events to share ideas, foster interdisciplinary research, and explore career opportunities. Join us to get updates on our activities and be eligible for free membership to SIAM!

Our chapter is run by a committee of graduate students from Imperial College London with the support of a faculty advisor.


Our Committee

Emily Southern

My research is focused on the application of recent developments in reduced order modelling to the study of complex flows, such as those of viscoelastic and polymeric fluids.

Madeleine Hall

My research lies in the intersection of computational micromechanics and the genomics of behaviour. I am working to develop mathematical models to describe optimal movement in the model organism C. elegans. Based on the results of these models, the goal is to determine the genetic underpinnings of why organisms move the way they do.

Martin Chak

I study the application of continuous time stochastic processes for optimisation and sampling problems, aiming to clarify links between the two and the long term behaviour of stochastic processes such as accelerated or self interacting diffusions.

Mariana Clare
Communications Officer

My research focuses on developing and using advanced numerical modelling and statistical tools, such as Multilevel Monte Carlo methods, to improve the quantification of erosion and flood risk in the coastal zone.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Greg Pavliotis.

You can find our past committee members here.