Hi! We are the Imperial College student chapter of SIAM  (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics), a group of maths graduate students organising events to share ideas, foster interdisciplinary research, and explore career opportunities. Join us to get updates on our activities and be eligible for free membership to SIAM!

Our chapter is run by a committee of graduate students from Imperial College London with the support of a faculty advisor.


Our Committee

Erwin Luesink
My research concerns gravity wave behaviour in the rotating shallow water equations. I use methods in geometric mechanics to tackle this problem. Additionally, I am interested in ocean and weather prediction using stochasticity.
Thomas Gibson
My research is focused around developing mixed finite element methods for numerical weather prediction, and introducing mathematical abstractions for high-performance, scalable code generation software. Much of this work is done within the context of the Firedrake Project at Imperial College.
Tom Bendall
I’m in the third year of my PhD in geophysical fluid dynamics, and my research focuses on how to build numerical models for weather prediction. Otherwise, I’m an avid football fan and enjoy cooking, learning about other countries and the colour turquoise.
Rosalba García Millán
My research is focused on Non-Equilibrium Systems, such as models that display Self-Organised Criticality. I study their statistical properties and, more recently, I apply them to study phenomena in Biological Physics. Besides research, I enjoy playing the piano, singing in a choir, hiking, cycling and travelling.
Rishabh Gvalani
Communications Officer
I am interested in problems from PDE, variational calculus, and probability, especially those that arise from questions in mathematical physics. In particular, I study systems of interacting particles and their thermodynamic limits. Apart from maths, I like football, the Coen brothers, and drinking coffee.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Greg Pavliotis.

You can find our past committee members here.