AMMP Day 2014

As the autumn term is winding down why not come and join us for a get together just before the seasonal break. We have organised 7 talks from late stage PhD students within the AMMP section of the Department of Mathematics on various different topics. We are also happy to announce that this year’s plenary speaker will be Prof. Richard Craster who will be talking about “Homogenisation of Multiscale Media for Wave Problems”.

There will be a prize for the best talk by a PhD student as well as some Christmas treats for all. Lunch and refreshments will be provided to those who attend.

Registration for the event can be done here. For further details, the full schedule can be found here.

The event will begin at 12:15 on 10/12/2014 in room 308 of the Huxley building.

We hope to see many of you there.

Bio-Mathematics Themed Event

We are happy to announce that our first themed afternoon event will focus on Bio-Mathematics.

Our speakers are:

Benjamin Amor
Exploring Allostery with Complex Network Theory

Elias Bamis
Combining Gravity and Intervening Opportunities in Models of Spatial Interactions

Adam Gosztolai
Integrating Signals of Nitrogen and Carbon Status in E. coli

Juan Kuntz
Bounding Steady State Averages of Stochastic Reaction Networks via Semidefinite Programming

For further details please see here.

Refreshments will be provided afterwards.

The event will begin at 4pm on 20/11/2014 in room 130 of the Huxley building.

Welcome Event

We are happy to declare that our SIAM Student Chapter Welcome Event for the new intake of PhD Students was a resounding success. With many new and old students it was a great chance to get to know each other and network before the term starts, not to mention a great opportunity to let everyone know what we have planned for the next semester. Thanks for everyone who turned up!

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Launch Event.. Success!

We are happy to announce that our SIAM Student Chapter Launch Event was a great hit. Many enthusiastic mathematicians enjoyed a set of fantastic talks from a wide-range of subjects and shared quite a few stories over some drinks and snacks afterwards. We would like to thank our speakers and everyone involved for their support and making the launch event such a success!

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Launch Event

We are starting our activity in style with our upcoming launch event!

Apart from letting you know more about who we are, what we aim to do and how this can be of benefit to you, we have four interesting talks from different fields of applied mathematics lined up.

Our speakers are:

Dean Bodenham (Statistics):
Multivariate Changepoint Detection in Streaming Data

Pablo Crotti (Biomathematics):
A Journey through Cell Cycle Variability and its Consequences on Bacterial Growth

Michael Schaub (Complex Networks):
Unravelling Complex Networks under the Prism of Dynamical Processes

Alice Thompson (Fluid Dynamics):
How to build a Micro-Scale Structure using Deformable Liquid Droplets

We will also be providing snacks and drinks for you to enjoy afterwards.

The event will begin at 4pm on 12/06/2014 in room 308 of the Huxley building.