Launch Event

We are starting our activity in style with our upcoming launch event!

Apart from letting you know more about who we are, what we aim to do and how this can be of benefit to you, we have four interesting talks from different fields of applied mathematics lined up.

Our speakers are:

Dean Bodenham (Statistics):
Multivariate Changepoint Detection in Streaming Data

Pablo Crotti (Biomathematics):
A Journey through Cell Cycle Variability and its Consequences on Bacterial Growth

Michael Schaub (Complex Networks):
Unravelling Complex Networks under the Prism of Dynamical Processes

Alice Thompson (Fluid Dynamics):
How to build a Micro-Scale Structure using Deformable Liquid Droplets

We will also be providing snacks and drinks for you to enjoy afterwards.

The event will begin at 4pm on 12/06/2014 in room 308 of the Huxley building.