Maths Help Desk Launch a Success!

Thank you everyone for attending the launch event for the Maths Help Desk! I think it is safe to say that the event was a success. Since the creation of the Maths Help Desk Email we have received quite a few questions for our Mathematicians and even a few questions from our Mathematicians. We have recently matched 4 pairs of researchers from varying departments who are now tackling approximately 7 questions! We have many more questions from fellow PhD’s that will be matched soon.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to submit a question or would like to be contacted if others have a question that you can help with!

Here are some photos from the event; hopefully another one will be held soon ūüôā

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Tuesday, 2 Feb 2016, 5.30pm
Blackett Level 8 Common Room
Free Food & Drink!

What’s the Maths Helpdesk?

Researchers in other departments need help with maths. We link them to mathematicians they can work with. Give your input and publish together!

Why come to the Launch?

Find out more and celebrate with us the launch of the maths helpdesk! Enjoy some free food and drinks with fellow PhDs from inside and outside your department.

Want to know more? Check here.


Improv for Scientists

Thanks again to everyone who attended our second Improv for Scientists event yesterday! I think it’s safe to say we all had a lot of fun and by the end were thinking much faster on our feet. We hope to continue hosting this workshop, so please let us know if you would come back and let your friends know!

Feel free to check out some photos from this event and the first one here.

AMMP Day 2015 Follow-up

Our last event of the winter term, AMMP day, was attended by >50 academics and junior researchers. We would like to thank all our speakers for contributing a great selection of talks ranging from geometric mechanics to modelling of neurological data and tumour proteins. A lot of discussion and exchange happened over lunch, coffee and delicious Christmas treats.

Big congratulations to Eszter Lakatos¬†speaking about “Investigating a tumour protein (using Approximate Bayesian Computation)”¬†and Alex Bolton speaking about “Malware static trace analysis through bigrams and graph edit distance calculation” who both received an award for “Best Talks” at the AMMP Day 2015,¬†awarded by an independent committee of academics within the Department of Mathematics.

Coming up: AMMP Day 2015!!!

Wednesday, 16th December 2015, 12-6 pm, Huxley 340.

As the autumn term is winding down why not come and join us for a get together just before the seasonal break. We have organised 7 talks from Imperial College PhD students within the AMMP section of the Department of Mathematics on various different topics. We are also happy to announce that this year’s plenary speaker will be Prof. Pierre Degond . There will be a prize for the best talk by a PhD student as well as some Christmas treats for all. Lunch and refreshments will be provided to those who attend.

The schedule can be found here: AMMPDay_Schedule

Abstracts are online here!

We hope to see many of you there.

Movie Night

The Movie Night was a great opportunity for PhD students from different areas of mathematics to meet in an informal and relaxed environment. There was pizza and beer for everyone followed by the movie session.

The movie Colors of Math¬†shows¬†a very inspiring perspective¬†of mathematics¬†through the personal view¬†of remarkable contemporaneous mathematicians: Cedric Villani, Anatoly Fomenko, Aaditya V. Rangan, G√ľnter Ziegler, Maxim Kontsevich and Jean Michael Bismut.

“To most people math appears abstract, mysterious. Complicated. Inaccessible. But math is nothing but a different language to expres the world. Math can be sensual. Math can be tasted, it smells, it creates sound and color. One can touch it an be touched by it…”

If you have an idea for a film, let us know! We are happy to organize another Movie Night!

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Upcoming Event: Credit Scoring Workshop

Aire will be holding a workshop on Credit scoring & Applying Data to Enable Financial Inclusion on Wednesday, 25th November 6.30-7.30 pm in room 340, with networking over food and drinks afterwards.

Aire is a FinTech start-up aiming to bring financial inclusion to the masses through improved credit scoring methods. Currently credit scoring is mainly based on credit history, which is definitely not a good indicator of affordability or a person’s credit worthiness. Aire is taking an new approach to it, an ‘out of the box’ thinking, building an algorithm that analyses people’s behavioural patterns to determine if they’ll be able to pay their loans and contracts.

Why join?

1. Learn about credit scoring and career opportunities for PhD students.
2. Talk to industry leaders in using data to show credit worthiness.
3. Learn how data can be applied to solve real world problems
4. Learn how Aire is shifting the paradigm solving problems with data.
No prior knowledge of finance or credit scoring is required. If you are interested in attending, please put your name down here. Food and refreshments will be provided.

Upcoming Conference: 20th Annual Meeting SIAM UK & Ireland

The 20th Annual Meeting of the UK and Republic of Ireland Section of SIAM will be hosted by the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), University of Cambridge, on January 7, 2016. It will be held at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

This will be an opportunity to celebrate the first 20 years of the UK and Republic of Ireland Section of SIAM and we expect it to be a special occasion. The event will feature high profile keynote and early career speakers, and poster presentations from Student Chapter representatives, as well as a fancy anniversary dinner at Magdalene College.

There is no registration fee, you just have to register!
(…and they would love you to contribute a poster)
Deadline: 18th December 2015.

To register, and for more information, click here.