Upcoming Event: Credit Scoring Workshop

Aire will be holding a workshop on Credit scoring & Applying Data to Enable Financial Inclusion on Wednesday, 25th November 6.30-7.30 pm in room 340, with networking over food and drinks afterwards.

Aire is a FinTech start-up aiming to bring financial inclusion to the masses through improved credit scoring methods. Currently credit scoring is mainly based on credit history, which is definitely not a good indicator of affordability or a person’s credit worthiness. Aire is taking an new approach to it, an ‘out of the box’ thinking, building an algorithm that analyses people’s behavioural patterns to determine if they’ll be able to pay their loans and contracts.

Why join?

1. Learn about credit scoring and career opportunities for PhD students.
2. Talk to industry leaders in using data to show credit worthiness.
3. Learn how data can be applied to solve real world problems
4. Learn how Aire is shifting the paradigm solving problems with data.
No prior knowledge of finance or credit scoring is required. If you are interested in attending, please put your name down here. Food and refreshments will be provided.