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Pub Quiz!!!

Tuesday, March 22nd we are holding a pub quiz! This is a general knowledge quiz for teams with up to 5 members. Feel free to bring any and all friends for free food, beer, soft drinks, and fun!

Come by the Maths Common Room on the 5th floor of Huxley at 6pm.


Three-Minute Thesis Competition

This year we want Mathematicians to join the Imperial-wide competition! Therefore we are setting up several sessions to help the pioneers among us.



  • Presentation Skills Workshop: Monday, 18th Jan 2016, 11:30-12:30, HXL 341
  • Informal Prep Session: Tuesday, 2nd Feb 2016, 14:00-16:00
  • Mathematics Department 3MT Competition: Wednesday 10th Feb 2016, 13:00, HXL 340 (prize £125 for 2 best presenters), deadline to sign up Friday, 5th Feb 2016
  • Graduate Schools 3MT Presentation Skiils Workshop: Friday, 1st April 2016, registration required
  • Imperial College 3MT Competition: Thursday, 21st April 2016.

If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with Justine Jones at, and have a look at the Judging Criteria and Competition Rules.

Maths HeLPDesk

Upcoming: Launch Event Tuesday 2nd Feb 2016, 17:30, Blackett Physics Common Room, Level 8.

What’s the Maths Helpdesk?

Researchers in other departments need help with maths. We link them to mathematicians they can work with. Give your input and publish together!

Why come to the Launch?

Find out more and celebrate with us the launch of the maths helpdesk! Enjoy some free food and drinks with fellow PhDs from inside and outside your department.


For more information, have a look here, or write

Improvisation for Scientists

Upcoming: TBA

This re-occurring event helps each one of us learn both to think in the moment and to present ourselves in more interesting ways!

From the 25/01/16 Event:

We had a great time learning out to think on our feet and out of the box! This event also will help those involved with the Three Minute Thesis event to get prepared.

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Pilot Event 09/11/15:

Thanks to all the participants of the “Improvisation for Scientists” Workshop today, and a massive thank you to presentation trainer and drama educator Justine Jones who taught the workshop for us, bringing techniques from drama into the science world.
Scientists often need to be spontaneous and think outside the box. This was a great taster to see how improvisation skills can help research mathematicians become comfortable speaking and interacting on their feet through playing drama games.

So, in case you don’t know what to expect in an “improvisation for scientists” session, the participants will tell you: A lot of pointing fingers at people, making up stories and throwing balls. What was it about the fire in the kitchen that gave birth to a fractal dragon that turned into eggs and more eggs? Dragon meat with salt or sugar, a controversial debate…




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