Tickets available NOW for SIAM Trip!

The SIAM committee is taking you out of the grey Huxley concrete walls to the theme park Thorpe Park. We will leave on Saturday 30th April, at 09:30 am from the Maths Department, and we will be back by 6.30 pm the same day.

Tickets including transport there and back by coach and entrance to the theme park are £10 !!! Limited spaces available, first come first served.

To secure your place, sign up here, and pay your £10 in cash asap, either by finding a committee member, or to Anderson Santos (Huxley office 651). To secure a ticket, you need to be a member of the Imperial SIAM chapter. You can become a member here (takes a few seconds and is free). Chapter members can bring guests. If you want to bring more than 1 guest, please let us know. If you have any questions, get in touch:

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